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Krista Sumner is the co-founder and co-director of Family Ever After Adoptions.

Krista has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the adoption process, including ICPC. She has worked closely with expectant mothers and adoptive families since 2016. Krista’s passion for adoption and birthmother advocacy stems from her own past experiences placing her children for adoption. She felt uneducated on the process and as though she did not have a voice in the adoption plan. Krista’s vision is that every expectant mother is given a voice to choose their adoption plan and to feel heard, seen, and respected throughout the process. She is dedicated to the Family Ever After Adoptions mission to support birthmothers and adoptive families with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

Krista once struggled with addiction and has been in recovery since 2014. She has extensive knowledge of substance abuse and has connections in the recovery community if an expectant mother should want to utilize those resources.

Krista Sumner
Adoption Coordinator