Jamie Ramos

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Jamie Ramos is the Co-Director for Family Ever After Adoptions. Jamie was born and raised in Florida. In 2005, she married her husband, and shortly after, started a family. Due to Jamie’s husband serving in the United States Army, they spent the next several years moving around with their two children. Jamie eventually started working in law enforcement as a police officer for two different agencies in the state of Georgia. Once Jamie’s husband was set to retire from the Army, they decided to settle in Jacksonville, Florida, to be closer to family. In 2016, Jamie started working for a local adoption attorney as an assistant to the Adoption Coordinator. From 2017-2021, Jamie worked as the Director of Adoption Services for the same local adoption attorney. Adoption holds a special place in Jamie’s heart as she is an adoptee. Jamie also has several other family members who are different parts of the adoption triad.

Jamie Ramos
Adoption Coordinator