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Family Ever After’s story begins in 1996 when two young, shy girls were introduced on a cheerleading team. Over the years, Jamie and Krista were in and out of each other’s lives throughout various stages. As fate would have it, Jamie and Krista started working for a local adoption firm around the same time. Jamie was the case manager for expectant mothers while Krista was the legal assistant who oversaw the legal aspect of the adoptions as well as ICPC. Together, they traveled to meet with expectant mothers and spent countless hours in hospital delivery rooms supporting expectant mothers through their time of need.

After several years and a lot of thought and prayer, they decided they were destined to do something amazing which led them to creating Family Ever After Adoptions.

Krista and Jamie were introduced to John through mutual friends. At the time of their introduction, John was a law student with his heart set on Criminal Law. After hearing so many incredible adoption stories, John felt his heart was pulling him to be a part of these stories. John has since graduated law school, passed the Florida Bar Exam, has been working as a Criminal Defense Attorney, and is now the attorney for Family Ever After Adoptions.

Krista Sumner CEO

Jamie Ramos CEO

John Grace attorney

Family Ever After Adoptions
Committed To Helping Women
Thinking About Adoption

If you choose to partner with us here at Family Ever After Adoptions, we will guarantee to never make you feel uncomfortable. You will never have to worry about feeling pressured. These are your decisions, that ultimately affect the rest of your life.


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