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Having a baby is a significant medical event. For many expectant mothers who are considering adoption, affordable medical care is a concern or even a deciding factor. It is important to understand your medical assistance rights and responsibilities.

No matter where you are in your adoption journey, it is important to know that you do not have to go through any part of the process alone. Having representation ensures that you understand every part of the process and feel empowered to make educated decisions for You and your baby.

Family Ever After: Your Florida Adoption Advocates

Our team has been working in the adoption field for many years. We understand the many challenges that accompany the adoption process, and we are passionate about making sure that expectant mothers have the resources that they need to successfully explore all aspects of adoption. Although the process can seem complicated, our team is highly trained and experienced in all types of adoptions to include: private adoption, stepparent adoption, adult adoption, and relative adoption.

We will fight diligently for your rights while remaining sensitive to your needs and the delicate parts of the adoption process. We know that adoption can be emotional for many reasons, and we offer a team that is approachable and supportive. We will fight tenaciously for your rights, as an expectant mother so your voice is heard.

Many members of our team have been personally involved in an adoption. This gives us a unique perspective on our work and gives our clients an advantage throughout the adoption process.

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Who Is Responsible for Medical Care?

Many expectant mothers want to know what their responsibility will be in terms of medical care for themselves and their baby. If you are placing a child who has not been born yet, it is important to know that the adoptive family may be asked to pay for some of the expectant mother’s medical care. Although this is not always required, it is a financial aspect that it is important to be prepared for.

If the expectant mother has private medical insurance, the adoptive family usually pays for copays and deductibles that are related to the expectant mother’s prenatal care. This includes:

  • Checkups
  • Ultrasounds
  • Tests
  • Specialized care

If the expectant mother does not have insurance, she should apply for state-funded insurance. In many cases, the expectant mother qualifies for state insurance, and most of the costs will be covered. If there are copays or deductibles with state insurance or Medicaid, the adoptive family may have to pay them.

Why Do I Need Adoption Advocates?

As your adoption professionals, we can help you navigate the adoption process and ensure that you complete all steps efficiently and properly.

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If you are looking to begin the adoption process, it is important to have experienced adoption advocates who have your best interests in mind. Our team at Family Ever After provides expert care to expectant mothers and birth families in Florida. Regardless of your situation, your needs, or your questions, we offer non-judgmental support that can help you navigate your adoption process.

For more information regarding the adoption process in Florida, contact Family Ever After Online today.