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The adoption process is a serious legal undertaking. No matter what role a person plays in an adoption, it is important that they understand and consent to what is going on. This is especially true for expectant mothers who are placing a baby for adoption.

Expectant mothers are key to the adoption process, but many do not have advocates in their corner to ensure that they are protected and treated fairly. In fact, many expectant mothers do not know their rights during the adoption process. This makes the entire endeavor feel even more overwhelming and complex

Not all adoption professionals have the resources and experience to guide expectant mothers during their adoption process. Fortunately, the experts at Family Ever After are here to offer high-quality care for expectant mothers considering adoption.

Family Ever After: Your Florida Adoption Advocates

Our team at Family Ever After provides top-notch care for expectant mothers exploring adoption. We can help you navigate this complex process to ensure that you understand your rights, your obligations, and what adoption entails. We will be your advocates during your adoption process and ensure that you can make empowered choices about your adoption plan.

The adoption process is often a happy one, but there can be challenges as well, especially with the legal side of things. Our team has years of personal and professional experience in this area. This allows us to provide exemplary advice to those who feel confused about the adoption process. We approach every case with empathy and understanding. Our aim is to provide nonjudgmental and unbiased advice to every expectant mother based on their unique situation.

You can trust our team to help you during this challenging time in your life. No matter what your goals are for your adoption process, we can help you develop a plan that works for you.

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What does a Jacksonville, Florida Adoption Advocate Do?

Many people are unaware of the role that an advocate can play in the adoption process unless they have gone through the experience themselves. However, legal representation is extremely important for the adoption process.

An adoption advocate’s main role is to ensure that the adoption process is completed legally and professionally while keeping ethics the highest priority for every adoption situation. You need someone who will advocate for your needs, help you assert your rights, and walk you through the adoption process.

Birth Father’s Rights

Birth fathers are not always involved in the adoption process. Although they can be involved, there is no law stating that they must be involved. If the birth father chooses to not be a part of the adoption process but agrees with the expectant mother’s choice on placing their baby for adoption, he may meet with our adoption professionals to sign necessary documentation.

However, if the father wants to be involved, or have his own relationship with the adoptive family, he has the right to do so. Our adoption professionals can help you navigate this type of situation.

As all adoption situations are different, the birth mother and birth father may have one relationship with the adoptive family or potentially have their own separate relationships with the adoptive family if they so choose.

Types of Adoption

There are many different types of adoption that you can explore with your adoption plan.

In a closed adoption, you and your child’s adoptive family agree to sever all contact with each other after the adoption is complete. In these scenarios, your child may be able to contact their birth family when they turn 18. If this is the type adoption you choose, our adoption professionals will go over the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry.

In an open adoption plan, you, your child and the adoptive family you choose have a relationship with one another. This can be any form of communication you choose whether it is phone calls, text messages, social media or visits.

In a semi open adoption plan, you may have communication with your adoptive family during your pregnancy and then choose to limit communication after your baby is born to potentially emails, letters or other written forms of communication.

With our adoption professionals advocating for your needs during your adoption plan, you can be sure that you set up healthy terms and boundaries that you are comfortable with.

No matter what type of adoption you have, it is important to know the terms, restrictions, and privileges of your chosen type of adoption.

With Family Ever After Adoptions, it is our practice to only work with potential adoptive families that are willing to have an open adoption. We are sympathetic to the birth mothers emotional state during her adoption process. We want to be sure the birth mother is receiving the form of openness she chooses even if she chooses a little more or a little less communication later on down the road as her child grows.

Empowered Decision-Making

When you work with our adoption professionals, you can be sure that you have all the information necessary to make an empowered decision about your adoption process. There are many ways that expectant mothers can customize the adoption process, and it is important that you know your options before making any decisions. With our adoption professionals, you are guaranteed to have access to the information that is important to your adoption plan.

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Our team at Family Ever After has been serving families in Florida for many years. We are here to help you navigate your adoption process and grow your family.

For more information about our firm, our services, our history, or how we can help you, contact Family Ever After online today.