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1. What is an open adoption?

An open adoption is the amount of open communication you choose to have with your adoptive family. Openness can be any type of communication you desire whether it be through texting, emailing, or talking on the phone with your adoptive family. Some families and birth mothers choose to have face to face visits or video calls as well.

2. Am I required to have an open adoption?

No, you are not required to have an open adoption plan. You can discuss all types of communication with your adoption coordinator to decide what you feel comfortable with.

3. Is it too late to create an adoption plan?

No, it is never too late to create an adoption plan. If you are late in your pregnancy or have already given birth and are struggling, you can still place your baby for adoption and still create the same openness and bond with an adoptive family.

4. What is an adoption plan?

An adoption plan is a plan you create between our adoption coordinators and an adoptive family. This plan covers what type of openness and communication you wish to have with your adoptive family as well as visits with the adoptive family and a birth plan. Having an adoption plan keeps everyone involved on the same page as to your wishes and desires during your pregnancy, during the birth and in the future.

5. Can I place my baby for adoption if DCF is involved?

Yes. If DCF is involved, you will discuss what their involvement is with our adoption coordinators and decide the best course of action.

6. Does the father have to be involved?

There are many different factors to take into consideration as it pertains to the biological father. The biological father has the option to be involved in the adoption plan, but he does not have to be. He will have the opportunity to meet with our staff to learn more about the adoption process and he can decide whether he would like to have an active role in communicating with the adoptive family. If you are not in a relationship with the biological father any longer but he wishes to have a relationship with the adoptive family, this is possible. You can each have your own relationship with the adoptive family even if you are not together. There are many situations where the biological father is unknown, and that’s okay too. Our experienced legal staff will help navigate any situation regarding a biological father.

7. What if I don’t know who the birth father is, can I still have an adoption plan?

Yes, you can still create an adoption plan even if you are unsure who the biological father is or if there are multiple potential biological fathers. Our staff will discuss the circumstances surrounding conception and go over the best course of action based on the information you provide.

8. Do I have to be in Florida to create an adoption plan?

To work with Family Ever After Adoptions, you must be residing in the state of Florida.

9. Where do the adoptive families live?

Adoptive families come from all over the United States. As you are looking through hopeful adoptive family profiles, you will know where they live prior to choosing a family.

10. Do I get to choose the adoptive family?

Yes, you will always have the option to choose the adoptive family for your child. When you meet with our adoption coordinators, you will discuss the type of family you dream of for your baby. You will also discuss the level of openness and communication you would like with your adoptive family. Based on the information you provide; our coordinators get to work to find several families that match the idea of your perfect family for you to choose from.

11. Will I have communication with the family?

You will have as much or as little communication as you wish to have with the adoptive family. This will depend on your level of openness and what you are comfortable with. Our coordinators can help guide you on communicating with the adoptive family as well. You will be required to keep in communication with our adoption coordinators.

12. Will I get to meet the adoptive family?

Yes. Our coordinators will set up a meeting during your pregnancy to give you the opportunity to meet and visit with the adoptive family prior to delivery if you choose.

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13. Do I have to pay to place my baby for adoption?

No, the adoption process is at no cost to you.

14. How will I know my baby is going to a good family?

Our hope is that you will create a bond with the adoptive family during your pregnancy. By the time you give birth, we want your relationship with them to be strong so you feel comfortable and know you have chosen an amazing family that is going to love you and your baby for a lifetime.

15. Do I receive any financial assistance?

Part of the adoption process includes court approved birth mother living expenses. When you meet with our adoption coordinators, you will discuss finances. Florida statutes allow certain expenses to be covered during your pregnancy and up to six weeks after. These expenses are provided by the adoptive families and they may include but are not limited to: rent, utilities, food, transportation, clothing, etc.

16. What are my openness options?

You can have as much or as little openness with your adoptive family as you choose. These preferences are all based on how you feel. Family Ever After requires all hopeful adoptive families to be willing to have open communication no matter what the type of communication the expectant mother chooses at the beginning of her adoption plan. Every adoption story is different and we help you write your story along the way.

17. When do I sign my consent paperwork for the adoption?

You will typically sign your consent paperwork in the hospital, 48 hours after birth unless you are medically discharged prior to 48 hours.

18. Can I create a hospital plan?

Yes, if you are willing to have open communication with the adoptive family, our coordinators will meet with you after you have had the opportunity to meet and have communication with the adoptive family. This meeting usually takes place toward the end of your pregnancy and you will discuss what your wishes are for in the hospital.

19. What if I have already had a baby and I am struggling to take care of my child, can I place him/her for adoption?

Yes, you can. You will still be given the opportunity to meet with our staff to discuss openness and communication to find the perfect family for you.

20. Can I have specific qualities I want for an adoptive family?

Yes, our staff will ask you questions pertaining to the type of family you desire. This helps us narrow down our search to find the perfect family for you.

21. Will my child be able to find me when they’re older?

Yes, you can register with the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry and your child will be able to make contact with you once they reach the age of 18. This is only if you choose to register yourself first. The Florida Adoption Reunion Registry is perfect for birth mothers that may have chosen a closed adoption but want their child to have the opportunity to connect with them once they are older.

22. Can I name the baby?

You have many different options when it comes to naming your baby. Short answer is yes, you can name your baby. Some birth mothers choose not to name the baby and allow the adoptive family to come up with the baby’s name. Some birth mothers and adoptive families choose a name together. Some birth mothers choose a name to give the baby for the original birth certificate. We then get a copy of the original birth certificate for the birth mother to have. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to baby names and this is certainly something you can discuss with our adoption coordinators.

23. Do I get a copy of the birth certificate?

Yes, if you would like a copy of the original birth certificate our staff will make sure you are provided with one.

24. I have a drug/alcohol dependency; can I still place my baby for adoption?

Yes, you can still place your baby for adoption. We ask that you please be honest when providing drug and alcohol use during your pregnancy. We are not here to judge you and your lifestyle. We simply ask you to be honest so families are prepared emotionally and medically for potential withdrawal symptoms for the baby.


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