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1. Do you accept waiting families at Family Ever After?

At Family Ever After, we have decided not to have a waiting families list. We love networking with consultants. Consultants have been a great resource for us and many families. Adoption consultants are able to not only walk with you during your entire adoption process to offer support, but many of them offer classes on adoption such as transracial adoption, single parent adoption, adoption openness, adoption grants and funding, drug exposure and discussions on communication with your expectant mother. If you are just starting the process, consultants are a great resource to help you locate a homestudy provider as well as creating your family profile that the expectant mother views. If you are interested in finding out how an adoption consultant can help you, please contact our staff for consultant recommendations.

2. What is a homestudy and do we need one?

A homestudy is an in depth screening of the prospective adoptive family. Your homestudy information varies by state. Some states require your homestudy to be updated only every 24 months however, in the state of Florida, it is required that your homestudy be updated every 12 months. Your homestudy provider will walk you through this process and help you with all of your required documents. A valid homestudy is required in order to begin the adoption process.

3. What is an open adoption?

An open adoption refers to the amount of communication between the expectant mother or birth parents and the adoptive family. Open communication with the birth parents may be done via phone calls, text messaging or face to face visits. When we meet with our expectant mothers, we prefer to ask what type of relationship she envisions having with their adoptive family. By asking this, we are able to get a better understanding of the type of openness the expectant mother is wanting.

4. What is a closed adoption?

A closed adoption means the expectant mother wishes to have no communication with the prospective adoptive family. With Family Ever After, we choose to work with families that prefer an open adoption. Over the years we have learned that many times when an expectant mother makes the decision at the beginning of her pregnancy to have a closed adoption or little to no communication, she can sometimes change her mind and prefer a more open relationship. This decision usually comes with growth, guidance and more understanding of the adoption process.

5. Why is openness beneficial?

At Family ever after, we believe an open adoption is the best scenario for the adoptive family, the birth mother and the child. We believe having a relationship with the birth mother gives her peace of mind knowing how her baby is being raised. Most adoptive families prefer to have an open relationship with their birth mother as well, as this provides them with the best answers possible as their child grows and has questions about their adoption. Our hope is that the adoptive family bonds with the birth mother or birth parents and views them as an extension to their family.


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