Unexpected Pregnancy in Florida: Is Adoption Right for You?

Unexpected pregnancies can be emotional and overwhelming, especially for those who believe that they do not have the proper tools to care for their incoming child. This is why, in some cases, a mother decides that it may be best for her child to have the opportunity for a new life with another family through adoption. Forming an adoption plan can be daunting. However, it can still be done with love, compassion, and a caring heart.

If you are currently going through an unexpected pregnancy, and are thinking about placing the child for adoption, consider these factors to see if it may be the right decision for you.

Unexpected Pregnancy: Is Adoption Right For You?

Signs That Adoption May Be Right for Your Situation

For many mothers going through an unexpected pregnancy, their minds are filled with varying options of what may be best for them and their child. If you are still unsure of your situation, or considering whether adoption may be right for your circumstances, here are a few signs that forming an adoption plan may be right for you:

  1. You Want What Is Best for Your Child. No birth parent takes the decision to terminate their own parental rights lightly. However, they may do so when they believe it is best for their child and their life. In many cases, a mother knows that she cannot provide their child with the life they deserve. She may be going through her own health problems, current tribulations in her life, or other extenuating factors. Adoption provides the opportunity for your child to have a new life. They can be with a loving family that is ready to care for them to the best of their ability.
  2. You Do Not Have the Tools Necessary to Care for Your Child. Unexpected pregnancies are just that—unexpected. Because of this, many women don’t have the proper tools they need to care for their new child properly. While for some people it may be easy to acquire things like diapers, cribs, and other necessities, the financial weight of having a child can be a burden. Whether you don’t have the funds, you don’t have the right support, or you don’t have a home you think is right for a child, adoption can offer new chances for any child.
  3. Your Life Is Unstable. It takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge that you might not be in the right space to care for a child. While it can be a scary thought, adoption offers parents who need time to work on themselves and their lives the time they need. It also gives their child the opportunity to have a stable life too.
  4. You’re Struggling to Care for Yourself or Your Current Situation. The day-to-day weight of caring for yourself in addition to your loved ones can be heavy. Unfortunately, many unexpected pregnancies occur when a mother is struggling herself. She may be dealing with a severe mental illness, a disease that can affect her child, or the ever-changing, complicated circumstances of life. Sometimes, a parent knows that they can’t provide their incoming child with the life they know they should have. In that situation, adoption may be the right choice for you.


How Long Does It Take for the Adoption Process to Be Finalized in Florida?

Every adoption case involves a variety of different factors, and these can shorten or lengthen the process. How long it will take depends on the situations of both the adopting and birth parents. On average, adoption in Florida can take anywhere from three months to a year to be finalized officially.

Does the Birth Father Have to Be Involved in the Adoption Process in Florida?

It’s suggested to include the birth father in situations where it’s applicable. However, in some cases, the mother may have an unstable relationship or no relationship at all with the father. When this occurs, she may go through the adoption process alone, as long as the birth father doesn’t file any claims in court about disagreeing with the decision. Because the birth father also has certain rights to their child, they do have the opportunity to contest adoption.

What Are the Pros of Adoption for a Biological Mother?

When a mother is considering adoption, she wants to make sure it’s the right decision for her and her child. Deciding to form an adoption plan can give your child a better life. It can also give you the time you need to work on yourself, build your home, or find a job. In short, you can do the things you need to do to have a good life, too.

Can Immediate Relatives or Loved Ones Adopt Your Child in Florida?

Yes. In fact, adoption by close relatives happens more than you might think here in Florida. If a close relative of a child decides they’d like to adopt them, they don’t have to go through such a strenuous adoption process to bring the child home with them. For example, the home study aspect of the process might be skipped.

Can a Florida Birth Mother Choose the Family for Her Child?

Of course. If a birth mother would like to be involved in the process, she can choose from families that have already been approved and passed safety tests. You can even meet the family you select if you would like. This can give you some extra peace of mind that your child is going to a good home.

Family Ever After: Florida Adoption Support

At Family Ever After, we know that making the choice to create an adoption plan and terminate your own parental rights is a decision that is never made easily. That’s why we are dedicated to helping birth parents across Florida through the adoption process with compassionate support. Our goal is to provide birth mothers and fathers with the tools, resources, and support they need to make decisions that are best for them and their children.

To learn more about adoption, its benefits, or the different services and resources we offer here at Family Ever After, contact us today.