Understanding Openness in Adoption

One of the most important topics to discuss when considering adoption is openness–the agreed upon amount of contact between birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adoptee. This topic can seem overwhelming and daunting when considering your options. While there are technically three types of openness in adoption (closed, semi-open, and open), your adoption plan and relationship with the adoptive family can be developed in a way that both parties feel most comfortable with.

When you’re exploring adoption and possibly creating an adoption plan, we are most interested in discussing what adoption looks like to you. Some women choose a completely closed adoption, some choose to have communication with the adoptive family prior to delivery, some choose to just receive pictures and updates and some choose to have liberal communication with their adoptive family. None of these scenarios are wrong and your relationship with the adoptive family depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Every birth mother that chooses adoption and her level of openness, does so for her own personal reasons. We recognize that the decision to place your baby for adoption does not come lightly. We also recognize that feelings on openness can change with time. At Family Ever After Adoptions, we require all adoptive families to be willing to change the level of openness an expectant mother or birth mother chooses at the beginning of her adoption plan. Often so many women are unsure of the communication they want in the beginning until they start developing a relationship with the adoptive family. We encourage keeping the topic of communication open so that it may constantly evolve as time goes on. Reach out to us today to discuss your adoption options.