Surprise Pregnancy at 40 – What Are Your Options in Florida?

Facing an unexpected pregnancy at age 40 is no doubt surprising, but there are many empowering options available to you in this situation. You may be a first-time expectant mother or may already have children of your own. Regardless, your well-being and your future are important, and it is essential to find supportive, compassionate guidance to help you make the right choice. Deciding how to move forward financially, emotionally, and physically with an unplanned pregnancy is a decision that will impact the rest of your life, and it is crucial to consider your needs now and in the future as you explore the different paths.

Expectant mothers who are 40 years or older may be wondering what their options are, how to navigate the legalities surrounding financial assistance, or simply need someone to turn to who can help them make an informed decision. Family Ever After offers compassionate and personalized services that can afford you the chance to fully explore your options and make a choice that has a positive impact on your future.

Surprise Pregnancy At 40

Pregnancy Over 40

A surprise pregnancy at age 40 is not as unusual as you may think. In spite of being considered “advanced maternal age,” it is becoming more common for people 40 and over to conceive and give birth to healthy babies without complications. Although this situation was not in your original plans, Family Ever After can dedicate time, resources, and empathy to your needs as you determine the ideal scenario for your pregnancy and your future trajectory. Caring for yourself and reflecting on what is right for you is a valuable part of the process.

Legal Options in Florida

Consider all your options to ensure that you feel empowered in creating a bright future for yourself, whatever path that may be. It is perfectly legal and free to consider adoption for your child so that they can have a bright future with a loving family. You can consider an open adoption and remain a part of your child’s life, or you can choose a closed adoption if you determine that your personal path will require you to keep your identity private. If you decide to go forward with becoming a parent, or adding another child to your family, you are legally bound to provide care for the child until they reach the age of 18.


Q: What Are the Available Options for an Unintended Pregnancy?

A: In Florida, options are available for you to consider if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy. One option is to parent your unborn child, and you should ask yourself if you’re ready to become a parent. If you already have a family, you must decide if you feel financially, emotionally, and physically able to parent another child. Another option is to bring the pregnancy to term and decide to allow a loving family to adopt and care for your child. The caring adoption advocates at Family Ever After can provide resources and legal guidance if you decide to choose this option.

Q: What Assistance Is Available for Pregnant Mothers in Florida?

A: Prenatal care is available to expectant mothers in Florida through the FDH, the Florida Department of Health. Through their services, you can receive Medicaid coverage for the duration of your pregnancy. Regardless of your decision, you can get prenatal care, provider referrals, childbirth support, and post-natal support, such as with parenting and breastfeeding through their Healthy Start program. If you choose to use an adoption service to find a compassionate and caring family, it is free to you and can provide support and guidance throughout the entire process. This allows you to determine which type of adoption will be the right fit for you and your child’s future.

Q: What Should You Do If You Have an Unexpected Pregnancy?

A: Now is the time to consider what options will be right for you, and you should lean on the support of empathetic, informed, and non-judgmental people and services as much as you feel comfortable with. Reflect on your physical health, your mental and emotional abilities to care for another person, and if you are financially prepared to raise a child. If financial constraints are preventing you from feeling able to parent a child, Florida state services offer assistance to expectant mothers and parents. If you feel that your child deserves unconditional love, attention, and care that you are not at a stage in your life to provide, you can explore your options for adoption.

Q: How Do I Financially Prepare for an Unplanned Pregnancy?

A: Financially, prenatal care and childbirth in Florida will cost upwards of $8,000, and the cost of physically caring for a child can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luckily, Florida provides monetary assistance to expectant mothers as well as parents. Contacting your local health department can help you determine your eligibility for PEPW (Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women) temporary medical coverage and Medicaid. That way, you can have support for your and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy. Healthy Start will continue to offer services for you and your child, both during pregnancy and after the child is born, until your child reaches the age of three.

Count on Family Ever After to Support Your Decision

Your decisions are yours alone, and Family Ever After offers unconditional support, guidance, compassion, and information for all expectant mothers as they explore adoption. Making decisions about your future as well as the health, safety, and care of your child will be challenging, but you can lean on our team to assist you in finding the right path through an unplanned pregnancy. We understand this is one of the biggest decisions you may ever make in your lifetime, and we honor the enormity of it. Rest assured that you can receive care and consideration that is free from judgment and pressure. We are available to provide counseling for any of your concerns at any time. Contact us today to speak to a counselor about your next steps, whatever they may be.