Closed Adoption in Florida: All You Need to Know

The decision for birth mothers to create an adoption plan is both empowering and challenging. However, once the choice for an adoption journey begins, they still have control over many other aspects of the process. Determining how much involvement a birth mother might want in the life of the adoptive child is one such factor.

Differences Between Closed Adoption, Semi-open Adoption, and Open Adoption

For those who aren’t sure about their next steps or whether adoption is right for them, it may help to know that there are many options available for birth mothers. Though there are many ways to consider adoption, birth mothers typically choose between open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. There are legal, personal, and financial decisions about each of them that impact a future family, so birth mothers should consider each option with care.

Closed Adoption

Closed adoption simply means that the biological mother will have no contact with the adoptive parents or the child. Both parties decide to keep personal information private. You will agree to respect the child’s new family’s wishes to keep no further contact with each other. Once the entire process is complete, you are no longer the legal parent of the child.

Ultimately, the information we provide you will protect your privacy, as well as the adoptive family’s. In most situations, an adoptive family won’t have access to a birth mother’s personal information, like their last name, location, or phone number. Likewise, the birth mother won’t have specific information about the adoptive family.  In Florida, once the adoption is finalized, the adoption records will be sealed and only opened under court order.

Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoptions offer a middle ground between closed and open adoptions. These types of adoptions vary greatly, depending on the wishes of both adoptive parents and birth mothers. Semi-open adoption may allow communication between these parties through email, phone calls, or simply through the agency itself.

Open Adoption

With open adoption, the birth mother and the adoptive family maintain contact with each other. The frequency and amount of contact look different in each situation, but the identities are shared between parties.

FAQs About Closed Adoption in Florida

What Are the Advantages of Closed Adoption?

Closed adoptions can be advantageous to both parties. It offers privacy for both families, as no contact or identifying details may be given out both before and after the adoption is finalized. Closed adoptions also afford the child a chance to begin fresh with their adoptive family. Closed adoption will prevent the adoptive family from contacting mothers in any way and guarantees birth mothers privacy about their future.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Closed Adoption?

The main disadvantage of closed adoption is that, after the child is born, birth mothers generally can’t change their minds about the decision. Limited knowledge about the future of the child may also be a challenge for some birth mothers. However, some birth mothers feel sure in their decision to have a closed adoption and feel like it is the most optimal option for them and the child. If this is the case, a closed adoption may be the right option.

What Is the Hardest Thing About Adoption?

Making the choice to consider adoption can be the most challenging part of the journey. However, despite the difficulty, it’s the healthiest choice for the birth mother and for the child she carries. If you’re considering adoption, contact us for help with this decision. Family Ever After strives to make the adoption process comfortable, empowering, and even joyful. Above all, we encourage birth mothers to feel at ease communicating with us about anything at any time — there is no question we will hesitate to answer, no decision that we will approach with judgment or pressure, and no step throughout the process that we will leave you alone.

How Can I Come to Terms With a Closed Adoption?

Birth mothers who choose closed adoption can rest assured that their child’s family will be in complete agreement with the terms and unconditionally respectful of everyone’s privacy.

What If I Want Information About the Adoptive Family?

If you are a birth mother considering adoption and know that you want information about potential adoptive families, an open or semi-open adoption might be an option for you. Much will depend on how much you want to know about the family and how much you want them to know about you. The process is unique for every person, so if you have questions concerning the type of adoption that would be right for you, contact our office.

Closed Adoptions Offer Privacy for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families

The privacy of birth mothers, as well as the privacy of the adoptive family, is of utmost importance, regardless if the birth mother chooses an open or closed adoption. With a closed adoption, birth mothers can feel confident in giving the child an optimal start in life as well as a bright future with a loving, capable, and happy family who is prepared to be fully invested in their upbringing and well-being – while keeping their privacy intact.

A closed adoption removes the pressure on a birth mother to feel obligated to remain in the child’s life or to delay future goals because of the birth.

Count on Family Ever After During the Adoption Process

Choosing adoption means you have made a choice you know will be the most beneficial for the baby’s future and for yours, too. Although making this decision may have been difficult, we are here to guide and support you through the entire process, providing compassionate guidance and the information you need to ensure you and the child will be given everything needed to move forward. We are here to answer any questions that arise initially and along the way as we find the ideal situation for you — our goal is to empower you as a biological parent who seeks a loving, kind, and capable family for their future.

Your voice and your choice matter, and we want to provide you with an experience that values your happiness and health, insists on unconditional emotional and physical support, and assuages any uncertainties with clarity and compassion. Contact us today.